We found the last aerotrain - an electrifying account of yesterday's tomorrow

The Aerotrain was a french project in the early 70’s, an incredible technological initiative supposed to renew our means of transportation. Unfortunately, the Aerotrain had a tragic fate, leaving its legacy to the TGV. Far from the medias and the politics, Jean Bertin managed to bring his vision to the USA. More than 30 years later, we found the last prototype. Let’s discover together this new chapter of the Aerotrain story.

Amateur documentary, 53 mins, 2010
Audio, subtitles in english and french

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Read the article about the documentary, from french newspaper Libération here (french)
Listen to the audio sample from France Bleue Orléans - Le Grand Bûcher here (french)

More about the director

Jerome Tillier is french and currently lives in London, UK. Jerome has the opportunity to travel on a regular basis, and enjoys investigating past projects, untold stories and abandonned technologies.

Contact: aerotrain@hotmail.co.uk