Links - photos, videos, history of aerotrains (english and french) - discussion forum, feel free to express yourself and ask questions (english and french)
Jean Bertin's association official website (english and french)
Shonner's website about the Rohr aerotrain (english)
Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum website (english)
Pueblo Railway Museum website (english)
Shonner studios website (english)

Other aerotrain resources - More about aerotrains (english)
Wikipedia - Aerotrain entry (english)
Académie de Rennes - A french university case study about the aerotrain (french) - A german website about the french aerotrains (french / german)
An article about aerotrains on the Loiret region official website (french) - A political case study of the end of the aerotrain programme in france (french)
solidarité et - Case study about aerotrains (french)
solidarité et - Another case study about aerotrains(french)
Avenir du - Articles about aerotrains (french)
Boite a - Case study about aerotrains (french)
SoBiz - Page about aerotrains (french)
A personnal website about aerotrains (french)
Artist Raphael Zarka website about his invention "Pentacycle" to ride the old test track in Chevilly
Groupe Icam - politics around the aerotrain story (french)

Books, DVDs...

Jean Bertin's association official shop (books, DVDs) (english) "I made the aerotrain" book (french)


Five CNBC USA - News report about moving the Rohr aerotrain between two museums in Pueblo (english) - article "1970’s Aerotrain moves to museum for preservation" (english)
Libération - press review of the documentary "We found the last aerotrain" (french)
Libération - article about aerotrains (french)
France Inter - discussion about aerotrains (french) - Comment l'aerotrain c'est fait enterrer par le TGV (french)
Les 4 vérité - Aerotrain article (french)
La tribune d'Orléans - article about an aerotrain event (french)
La tribune d'Orléans - another article about an aerotrain event (french) - review of an aerotrain prototype exhibition (french) - review of an aerotrain prototype exhibition (french)